Concern About School to Prison Pipeline for Girls of Color

The National Women’s Law Center has promoted discussion on the rate on involvement of girls of colors with suspension and out of school placement as a result of discipline actions. The rate of use of out of school placements for girls of color appears to be increasing and exposes girls of color to the pipeline to prison.

To follow the discussion, use the link below. Information for various states and school districts can also be found.

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Girlhood Interrupted: Negative Treatment of Young Black Girls

This is a MUST-READ pdf on the stigmatization of black girls.

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Discussion: Mankato Hangings an Uneasy Topic for Minnesota Schools

The link below will take you to an article discussing the public execution of 38 Dakota Indians by federal authorities in 1862, considered the largest execution in U.S. History. This event, however, has not been taught on an extensive basis within schools in Minnesota. Although discussion of war between the federal government and Dakota Indians is included as part of sixth grade curriculum, the Mankato hangings are often excluded from the discussion.

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Race Against Time: Educating Black Boys

A discussion on issues related to the status of black males in schools. The article also provides recommendations on ways to improve outcomes for black males.

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St. Paul Principal recognized for Equity work

A principal of a school in St. Paul was recognized for infusing equity with her work with students, caregivers, and staff.

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White Teacher Expectations of Black Students

A recent research publication focusing on teacher expectation of students found that white teachers are more likely to have lower expectation of black student outcome or performance, and even more so when asked about expectations of black male students. The discussion can be found at the link below:

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Developing Culturally Competent Services: A Guide for Community Based Organizations

The National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families has produced a guide for community based organizations seeking to improve services for diverse populations. The guide can be found at the link below:

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