National Association of School Psychologist Position Paper on Racism and Prejudice


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Charter School Concern: Racial Isolation

A concern has been reported about theĀ  number of charter schools that lead to racial segregation, raising new concerns about separate and unequal education.

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A report from the Anne E. Casey foundation indicates that racial barriers impedes chances of success for children of color and those from immigrant families. Barriers include poverty and involvement in the juvenile justice system. The report can be found at the link below.

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Understanding Microaggressions

A good read on understanding microaggressions in the midst of national discussions about the value of diversity.

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Horrors of Boarding Schools for American Indians

Boarding school survivors talk about the horrors of their experience.

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Concern About School to Prison Pipeline for Girls of Color

The National Women’s Law Center has promoted discussion on the rate on involvement of girls of colors with suspension and out of school placement as a result of discipline actions. The rate of use of out of school placements for girls of color appears to be increasing and exposes girls of color to the pipeline to prison.

To follow the discussion, use the link below. Information for various states and school districts can also be found.

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Girlhood Interrupted: Negative Treatment of Young Black Girls

This is a MUST-READ pdf on the stigmatization of black girls.

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