Team Member Biographies: Govinda Budrow & Noreen Foster

Govinda Budrow, BAS Education 

Govinda grew up in a traditional Ojibwe family in Duluth, Minnesota. She has been a teacher at Nay Ah Shing Tribal school on Mille Lacs Reservation for 14 years. Govinda is licensed in Elementary education, and in Special education in specific learning disabilities and emotional behavioral disabilities. Govinda is working on her master’s research focusing on the field of special education.  

Govinda is a foster parent and working as the special education coordinator at Nay Ah Shing Schools. She is working with the state of Minnesota Department of Education on Project Dream Catcher that trains American Indian liaisons to be a part of behavioral observations in an effort to reduce over representation and promote fair evaluations.  

Noreen Foster

Noreen Foster received her graduate training from The University of St. Thomas and Bethel University and has been working in education for 20 plus years. Ms. Foster has worked in both Early Childhood Special Education community based settings and K-12 Charter Schools within the Twin Cities area.

Ms. Foster has most recently begun employment with Indigo Education, a non-profit organization assisting area Charter Schools with special education services. In her role as Special Education Supervisor, Ms. Foster assists contracted schools in complying with federal and state rules/ regulation pertaining to students with disabilities. Ms. Foster collaborates with school staff to monitor programs regarding compliance with laws, policies, regulations and guidelines in special education. She provides training to schools and mentorship to new teachers. Ms. Foster serves as a member on the Fraser Council on Behavioral and Mental health, supporting local efforts to assure individuals and families have access to resources concerning their families behavioral and mental health needs.

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