Increasing Teacher Diversity in Minnesota

Increasing Teacher Diversity in Minnesota
An Ongoing Community Conversation and Call to Action
Saturday, February 6, 2016 9:30am-1:30pm
Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC) 1501 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis 55403

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Are you concerned about opportunity and achievement gaps in MN?

Are you concerned about the lack of teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota schools given the increasing diversity of PreK-12 students?

Join policy makers, community-based organization leaders, students, school administrators, teachers and teacher educators, philanthropists and others to make action plans for change!

The Problem: Nearly 30% of students in MN schools are students of color and American Indian students, yet only 4% of their teachers are of color or American Indian. The gap is worse in many schools.

Why This Issue Is Important: “Minnesota’s ability to place more professionals of color in teaching careers will help determine our state’s prosperity in a multi-cultural world, as they will give both student’s of color and white students valuable exposure to being guided by professionals of color.” Carlos Mariani Rosa MN Education Equity Partnership

The Goal: By 2020, double the current number of teachers of color in the state, and ensure that 20% of candidates in the teacher preparation pipeline are persons of color or American Indian.

The Needed Coalition and February 6 Event:
There are many groups and individuals advocating to increase teacher diversity in Minnesota. This important event prior to the 2016 legislative session will bring together hundreds of people in a coalition around a Common Goal and five Key Policy and Investment Initiatives. Participants will create action plans that build upon the important advocacy work that has been done. Come unite with people across institutions, organizations and communities to create an even larger chorus of voices calling for more diversity in the teaching profession needed to help close unacceptable opportunity and achievement gaps.

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