Summit for Courageous Conversations 2014

The Summit for Courageous Conversations 2014

The Summit for Courageous Conversation brings together dedicated leaders for racial equity from across the nation to engage in a deepened conversation about systemic racism and its impact on opportunity and achievement for all students. The Summit provides a unique space for collaborative exploration of the knowledge and skills needed to eliminate racial educational disparities.

This year’s event will feature inspiring speakers, distinguished national educators, and a host of equity practitioners from school districts, universities, and state departments of education who will share an inside view of their challenges and triumphs as they strive for racial equity in their organizations and classrooms.

In a wide variety of concurrent learning sessions, participants will have an opportunity to:

Share models for student equity leadership
Discuss the impact of race, language and politics on the schooling of Latino children
Address the critical issues of racial disparity in special education
Examine further the educational crisis for black males
Explore innovative strategies for advancing equity through technology
Discover ways to effectively engage families and communities of color
Identify the special barriers confronted by Native/American Indian children in public, charter and Bureau (BIA) schools
Inspire educators to lead for equity in classrooms, boardrooms and communities.

The Summit for Courageous Conversation is uniquely designed for educators, civic and community leaders and other professionals who are committed to elevating individual/organizational racial consciousness and eradicating the racial disparities predictably seen in academic achievement. We encourage you to join us for this opportunity to hear from some of the leading voices on racial equity in education, to share leadership strategies over great food, to be inspired by entertainment provided by talented area students, and to celebrate the efforts currently underway in schools around the country to raise achievement levels for all students.

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