Team Member Biography: Lionel Blatchley


Lionel A. Blatchley, Ph.D.

Lionel grew up and was educated in New England.  After completing a PhD in school psychology at the University of Rhode Island, he and his wife moved to the Twin Cities 1973. Lionel secured a position in the Saint Paul Public Schools and remained there for 33 years my retirement in 2006.  During his time in Saint Paul, he worked with a variety of projects, including the LEP Special Education Assessment Team, the Title VII ESEA Bilingual Special Education Grant for Mildly Handicapped Hmong and Hispanic LEP Students, and the Alternative Delivery of Instructional Services Project (Prevention of Special Education).  Lionel worked in very culturally and economically diverse schools.

Since his retirement, Lionel has participated in two staff development projects sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education, technical assistance regarding disproportionate representation of minority students in special education, and trainer with the improving pre-referral practices among teachers of African American students.  Both of these involved working with school district staff on these and related issues.

Lionel has participated on the writing teams for previous manuals, such as A Resource Handbook for the Assessment and Identification of LEP Students with Special Education Needs (1986-87), Guidelines for the Delivery of Services to Limited English Proficient Students with Special Education Needs (1989-90), and a Manual for the Identification of Students with Learning Disabilities (2008).  Lionel also co-authored a book chapter with Matthew Lau regarding nondiscriminatory assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse students with NASP (2009).

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